Netflix Watch Party

is now available on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox

How to Setup Netflix Party

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When it comes to addressing Netflix is one of the most appreciated and popular other streaming platforms. But as time passed, Netflix updated or expanded itself to Netflix Watch Party to add more entertainment. Besides, on Netflix Watch Party, you can get a taste of your mostly streaming videos. Such as movies, shows, series, documentaries, national or international news, sports, etc. More precisely, using the Netflix watch party even lets you create your watch party by hosting it. And being a host, you can add members to your Watch Party, such as your family and friends, by sharing the Netflix Watch Party link with them.

Remember, it is essential at the same time to own a Netflix subscription for you and your respective watch party member. And to make it happen, you need to install the watch party extension on your device via a web browser. Furthermore, there are a number of user-friendly features that Netflix parties provide you. And these include adding members up to 100, live group chat, controllability, sync seamlessly, personalization, worldwide accessibility, HD video streaming, etc. Hence, you can amaze your movie night at Netflix Watch Party. And by using these features and the installation process, follow the downward information meant for you.   


How to Set up a Netflix Party?

There are a number of relevant steps that you need to follow to set up a Netflix party at your desired place. Doing so will let you stream your favorite shows and movies along with your distant and close ones. But at the same time, it is essential to implement each and every step carefully to avoid any glitches while streaming. Hence, here you have seven manual relevant steps to bring more clarity about the usage of the Watch Party extension. 

First: Extension Installation

In the very first step, you need to install the freely accessible Netflix Watch party extension, which you can do by clicking here. But before you start, ensure to use any web browsers named Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Also, remember to use the devices such as Windows, Chromebooks, and macOS laptops/PCs to install the extension. 

Second: Pining for the Extension

You need to pin the Watch Party Netflix extension to the toolbar in the second step. In case the Netflix Watch party extension icon doesn’t appear, click on the puzzle icon. So you can find the puzzle icon, which is in the top right corner of the browser. Further, end it by pinning Watch Party, the extension over there. 

Third: Netflix Account Login

In the third step, you need to login into your Netflix account; if you are an existing user. Moreover, if you are not an existing user or new to it, then create your Netflix account; once you get the subscription. Also, keep in mind that all the watch party members must own their individual subscriptions to join the Watch Party. 

Fourth: Start Search, Set, Play

In the fourth step, start implementing the search, set, and play options over your chosen one streaming video. It will enable you to watch all the streaming videos with your watch party members or; you can say, distant ones. 

Fifth: Create the Netflix Watch Party

In the fifth step, proceed further by creating your Netflix Watch Party. And to do so, click on the pinned Watch party Netflix extension icon. As a result, it will enable a “CREATE A WATCH PARTY” pop-up to open a button called “START A PARTY.” Next, click on that button to create a watch party URL to share with your friends.

Sixth: Share Watch Party Link

The sixth step describes sharing the created one Watch Party Netflix invitation link to begin a Watch Party Netflix. But your work doesn’t end here, as sharing the created watch party link with your brats is equally essential.

Seventh: Join Watch Party

Now end the process by joining the Watch Party by clicking on the Netflix Party link shared by your friend or a host of the party. Remember, clicking on the shared link will automatically take you to the Netflix Watch party to amplify your entertainment-filled movie night

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