Netflix Watch Party

Netflix Watch Party

How to Use Netflix Party Extension?

How to use Netflix Party Extension

It’s not possible every time to get time to head to cinemas or at a friend’s place in this bustling schedule. That’s why Netflix Party was made. So, update the Netflix Watch Party extension and see how to use it. As, it is an extension for the Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Opera web browsers – and it’s free. However, the Netflix Watch Party extension allows you to all watch simultaneously through your individual accounts. Therefore, you can type text to ‘chat’ with your friends – comment on the film/TV show, ask them how they are, send hugs or say whatever you like. Thus, you can send GIFs, emojis, and screen grabs too. 

How to use the Netflix Party Extension?

1. Install the Extension

Install the extension for free of cost on your Windows, Chromebook, or macOS device. Then, you can install the extension on the device only by using Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome browsers. Hence, ‘click here’ to install the extension.

2. Add the Extension to the Toolbar

To make sure easy use of Netflix, you must pin the extension to the browser’s toolbar. By installing, go to the ‘Extensions’ option and click on the NP button to pin the extension to the toolbar.

3. Sign in to Netflix

Log in to the Netflix account on your Windows, macOS, and Chromebook device.

4. Search and Play the Video

Search for the tv shows, series, movies, or any video after logging in to the Netflix account.

5. Host a Virtual Party

Navigate to the red NP button at the top right corner of the browser and click on it after playing the video. Here, tap on the ‘Start party’ button to create the Netflix party URL. Now, share this URL with friends to invite them to join the party.

6. Join the Netflix Watch Party

Install this extension and sign in to your Netflix account. Then, click on the Netflix party link shared with you by your friend. Thus, the link automatically connects with the watch party.