Netflix Watch Party

Netflix Watch Party

How to Watch Netflix with Friends?

How to Watch Netflix with Friends

Netflix has become a vital part of our lives where we prefer to use it as our recreation. Nowadays, it has become a medium through which friends and family can easily connect. Netflix is one of the leading entertainment services worldwide. Therefore, if you’re looking for one of the popular shows or movies, then Netflix has a wide variety of hit shows and movies online for you to watch. Moreover, from Academy, Emmy award-winning shows and films to Oscar Award-winning movies could be found on Netflix. Although, an abundance of what to watch doesn’t know “How to watch Netflix with friends?” 

Therefore, we have come to your rescue where you will know how to watch Netflix with friends together wherever you are. Yes, you’ve heard it right; now you can watch Netflix with your loved ones even if they live distantly through a Netflix Party.

Thus, no matter how far you and your friends live, you can always enjoy your movie night or binge-watch shows on Netflix anywhere you want. Netflix Party enables you to connect globally with your friends and family, where you can host parties and enjoy your movies and shows together.


In addition, there are more exciting features about the Netflix Party. Streaming an online Netflix Party, you can live chat and have the best theater experience by watching videos in HD quality. Hence, a few of the features are mentioned below:

Features of Netflix Party

How To Watch Netflix With Friends?

The Netflix Party extension lets you watch your desired movies and shows with your loved ones, even if they live far away. Moreover, the best thing about it is that it is free of cost. Hence, these are further steps for you to know that how to watch Netflix with friends:

Install The Extension

To install the Netflix Party extension, you must have Chromebook, Windows, or macOS devices. Furthermore, download the extension from Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser. You can directly download it from here.

Add Netflix Party To The Toolbar

Pin the ‘Netflix Party‘ icon to the toolbar. However, if you don’t see an icon, you can click on the puzzle icon from the browser and then pin the extension icon to the toolbar.

Sign in Netflix Account

Henceforth, if you have downloaded the extension and pinned the icon to the toolbar, then now visit your Netflix account and sign in to online stream videos. Also, make sure everyone must have a subscription to the existing Netflix account.

Search And Start Your Video

Therefore search and start your favorite movies or shows to watch with your friends.

Host a Netflix Party

To host a Netflix Party, click on the Netflix Party button, and a pop-up will appear to ‘Start a Party.’ Thus, click on the “start a party “button, and a link will appear, which you can forward to your friends to join.

Join a Party

To join a Netflix Party, you have to click on the shared link by your friend, and then this will automatically direct you to your Netflix Party, where you can watch incredible movies and shows of all time. Thus, with this, your how to watch Netflix with friends query solves, and now you can enjoy your movie time with your loved ones sitting up on your sofas and cozying up on couches wherever you want.