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Netflix Watch Party

Netflix Christmas Movies - Best Movies to Watch on Christmas


The month of December comes with Christmas fever! If you hear the jingle carols, have Christmassy vibes lately, and want the same zeal throughout, then Netflix Christmas Movies comes to your rescue.
Now, you can watch your favorite Christmas movies at home, cozying up in your own bed or sofas, eating egg nog and plum cakes.
Alas! Do you want to watch movies with your loved ones but they live far away? Take a sigh of relief because the Netflix Watch Party is here. Through the Netflix Watch Party, you can watch your chosen Netflix Christmas Movies with your dear ones simultaneously. This time of the year, celebrate your Christmas time with your friends and family partying and streaming the movies of your choice through a virtual Netflix Party in sync.

Here’s a dedicated list of the best Netflix Christmas Movies you can watch on Netflix.

The Princess Switch

Vanessa Hudgens starrer movie. Comes with a fantastic twist in the first and second sequels of the movie with double roles, giving you an absolute winter wonderland Christmas feel. The third sequel of this movie comes with a triple threat, i.e., THE PRINCESS SWITCH 3: ROMANCING THE STAR. You can now watch one of the jovial Netflix Christmas movies with your loved ones through Netflix Party.

A Christmas Prince

Consisting of a young aspiring journalist, starring Rose Mclver, this movie becomes one of the best Netflix Christmas movies this year. She is sent to snoop on the Royal Prince, soon crowned as The King. The story has terrific romantic comedy turns and twists. It comes with again two more sequels, i.e., A CHRISTMAS PRINCE: THE ROYAL WEDDING and A CHRISTMAS PRINCE: THE ROYAL BABY. Watch one of the best festive fantasy Netflix Christmas movies with your family and friends together through streaming Netflix Party.

Last Christmas

last christmas
Its story is about Young Kate( Emilia Clarke) working as an elf in a Christmas store. Nothing exciting was happening in her life until she met Tom( Henry Golding) and her life then took a remarkable turn. It’s a romantic movie that revolves around Yulefest. Connect with your dearest ones by streaming these Netflix Christmas movies together in a holiday mood through the Netflix Watch platform.


Holidate is one of the highest watched Netflix Christmas Movies of all time. Its story revolves around two single people wanting to be in a platonic relationship, which soon connects them romantically. You can stream this movie with your loved ones and connect simultaneously, streaming Netflix Party.

Let It Snow

A perfect winter wonderland movie with multiple casts. The story covers the life of teenagers around Yuletide and how their life revolves around each other with sinuous endings. Watch one of the best mellow, fun, and romantic Netflix Christmas movies with your loved ones at a Netflix Party.

The Holiday

A rom-com starring Cameron Diaz, Jude Law, Kate Winslet, and Jake Black. English Rose Iris and California-based Amanda, two friends wanting some new change in their lives, swap homes, and live a totally different lifestyle. Soon, an exciting turn comes up when they meet a local guy and fall in love with them. Now, you can watch these Netflix Christmas movies with your loved ones through the virtual platform of Netflix Party in sync.


A fictional family-oriented comedy movie will bring the Christmassy vibe to you. However, this movie is perfect for kids, this story highlights the character Jesper who is spoiled in nature. However, he is sent away to a fictional land called Smeerensburg, where he finds Klaus, a toymaker. Watch how the plot continues to an exciting end, streaming this Netflix Christmas movie on Netflix Party together with your mates.

Trolls Holiday

trolls holiday

A family-based Netflix Movie, perfect for streaming on holidays.
Poppy, the queen of trolls, realizes that her best friend Bridget has no holidays on her calendar. Watch how they celebrate and have fun with their friends and families. Likely, you can celebrate Christmas watching this Netflix Christmas Movie with your loved ones by online extension, i.e., Netflix Watch Party. You can install the Netflix Party through the Google Chrome web store on your Chromebooks, macOS, Windows, and PCs.